The importance of Sun Protective Factor -SPF

Pamela ~ Wednesday 22nd July, 2015

Irish weather?   When do we see sun?? Why do we need an SPF I hear you ask.  SPF will act as a “COAT” or “shield” on the skin.  It is the last thing you apply before your makeup every morning.    Most people don’t realise that the sun can damage your skin even if it’s not sunny and even if its winter!! UVA Rays cause the skin to age and UVB rays cause the skin to burn, in winter, harsh wind and frost can also damage the skin and cause unwanted sensitivity..... would you leave the house without your coat on a harsh December morning???

SPF is an essential ingredient to protecting us from skin cancer, sun allergies, pigmentation and other serious skin disorders.

What level of FACE SPF do we need?

Some lower end moisturisers and makeup brands offer from 6 -15 SPF within the product but this is not enough and will not fully protect the skin and will allow harmful rays through the skin.  You need to apply full SPF of at least 30 or 50

BIOLINE Jato Sun cream is specific for the face.  It protects  very fair, delicate, sensitive skins prone to redness and also normal - sallow skin types prone to pigmentation.   It protects the face from the appearance of wrinkles, damage caused by free radicals and imperfections associated with photoaging.   A must in your daily skincare routine.