"Since several various illnesses in the first part of 2014 and after hospitalisation in June, it was showing on my face. After studying my rather grey looking complexion, I decided to treat myself to a facial. Breda used the Bioline products on me for the first time and I was impressed. I purchased the exfoliator and the moisturising cream. Since then I signed up to monthly facials which I look forward to. Bioline facials are amazing. Don't ever remember being so relaxed during and after facials in the past. Of course, Breda works her magic there!

My skin is in really good condition now. I've signed up to the Daily Ritual skin care range. The cleanser and lotion are both effective and gentle on the face. Having always used high-end skin care ranges in the past, Bioline is impressive, cleansing and nourishing.  I'm very pleased with the Bioline range. If I wasn't, you wouldn't have received this lengthy reply. Totally sold on the skincare products

Best wishes,


"Perfections is a Beauty Salon with a comfortable, relaxed and wholesome vibe. You will be welcomed by complete professional and helpful staff who make you feel right at home. The girls introduced Bioline Jato Skincare to me 12 months ago, and I was straight on it (Bride to be!)

I am currently using the Bioline Jato Primaluce Products and really loving their results. I don’t know how we survived before finding the “Exfoliating Cleansing Gel” – it’s magic.  If I were to recommend one treatment, is a deep cleanse Primaluce Facial – this is absolute bliss and I can honestly say you will not get as good of facial anywhere like this. You will walk out the door in a bubble of relaxation and complete radiant skin."

Enjoy Sarah x"


"I had the Primaluce Facial a couple of months ago and the difference has been dramatic. My skin is clearer, brighter and breakout free!  I have only recently began using the full 'Daily Ritual' Bio Line products and I have seen the results instantly, definitely worth the investment!  The girls in Perfections are very knowledgeable and were great in helping me choose the right products for my skin."

Edel x

"I'm only to happy to review the products I am using. I have also availed of the facials prior to my wedding.
Since beginning to use The Hydrating Renovating Cleansing gel and Hydrating Renovating Cream I have experienced fantastic results on my skin. I would have previously experienced break outs on that seemed to be endless and my skin would also have been dull and dry. By using the cleansing gel daily I now feel that the renovating cream is being absorbed by my skin and leaving it feeling hydrated. It only takes a small amount of each product on a daily basis to experience these results. I have also availed of the Bioline Jato Facials which have left my skin feeling even more refreshed. Bioline Jato has certainly rescued my skin from its problems.  I have received nothing but compliments about my skin since I began using Bioline and am determined to stick with it. Keep up the good work and hopefully see you all before Christmas."
Fiona x
"Since I've started using Bioline my skin is noticeably less irritated and smoother. My favourite & desert island product would be the De-Ox emulsion, it's a miracle moisturizer and feels like it's pumping water into the skin, plumping and firming as it goes! It's also great for tired skin if you've had a late night!! The primaluce mask is another quick fix to help you look radiant at short notice.
Thanks for a wonderful demo evening & ill certainly be booking a pre-Christmas facial soon
"I went for bioline facial at Easter and I felt it really hepled my skin. I have always been very prone to breakouts and have tried many products down through the years.  The girls suggested that I change my cleanser to the Bioline Engery Source Vitaminic Milk. Straight away I noticed a difference, my skin felt and looked much healthier and I haven't had any breakouts since starting to use this cleanser.
Since then I have also started to use the lifting code eye cream and the primaluce moisturiser. The products last a long time as you only need to use a small amount. I started using cleanser in April and I am only coming to end of bottle now almost 7 months later. My skin is in good condition and spot free! I would highly recommend the bioline products. They may seem expensive but they are well worth it and they last a long time"

I started using the Bioline Jato range in January 2014 specifically using the renovating cleansing gel and moisturiser from the Primaluce range. I was recommended the range by Pamela from Perfections as I had suffered with acne for the best part of 10 years and she felt it would be perfect for me. From day 1 I noticed a drastic change in my skin and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from acne. I’ve also had the primaluce facials and I can honestly say that my skin looks and feels incredible afterwards. I’ve used all types of acne targeted products including some well known brands and the results of these and also there facials didn’t have any comparison to the results I’ve seen with Bioline Jato. I currently live abroad but I always ensure when I’m home that I have a primaluce facial and I look forward to having it. The staff of Perfections are so accommodating of my location they will post the products over to me and ensure to fit me in for a facial when I am home. Great job on sourcing this wonderful product Perfections.