Biolione Jato Facials

We pride ourselves in our skincare. We have invested heavily in our training and research of our chosen brand, Bioline Jato, allowing us to work with confidence to bring you the best experience and results driven facial available. Bioline use cutting-edge technologies and endeavour in non-stop cosmetic research. Our A La Carte menu of facials detive from a team of professional cosmetologists, chemists, dermatologists and biologists in Italy.

Our menu is folowed in two main catagories:

Linea + Facials and products are a fantastic range, offering skin solutions for all skin types and is an ideal range for maintenance treatments ie when the skin is not in need of an intensive/skin changing regime.

Advanced Facials and products are a more intensive and conentrated range that are designed to target specific skin concerns and enhance the functionality of the skin to achieve desired results.


AQUA+ ~ Source of essential hydration.

Aqua+ seeks to restore dull, flaking, dehydrated skins.  Restores skins water reserves and correct PH balance, leaving the skin feeling fully hydrated.

Treatment 60 minutes €70
Taster Facial 40 minutes €45

VITA+ ~ Enhances vitality of skin.

Bioline Jato's mix of vegetable oils softens and restores skins compactness and gives mature, tired skin a healthy glow.

Treatment 60 minutes €70
Taster Facial 40 minutes €45

PURA+ ~ Regains purity of the skin

Treats impure, combined oily and acne prone skin.  Reduces T-Zone shine and visible pores.

Treatment 60 minutes €70
Taster Facial 40 minutes €45

DOLCE+ ~ Immediate relief for sensitive skin

Offers gentle and targeted treatment while repairing skins barrier and reducing redness to more fragile skins.

Treatment 60 minutes €70
Taster Facial 40 minutes €45

Bioline Jato Advanced Facials

Desense Instant Relief

Instant and lasting comfort for skin Bioline has created Desense Couperose a higly inovative, paraben and allergen free cosmetic treatment specific for delicate, red,hypersensitive and couprouse-prone skin.

Treatment 60 minutes €79

De Ox C Evolution - The Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Treatment

Preservation of the skin ' the facial cosmetic line that acts against oxidation and glycation providing vitality, protection and compactness to the skin. Preserving the tone and the compactness of the skin'

Treatment 70 minutes €95

Lifting Code - Lifting & Filling Treatment

Cracking the code of the first signs of aging 'the multi-level beauty code, enclosed in innovative design formulas made up of a pool of high concentration active ingredients for an extraordinary lifting filling beauty effect. Perfect for those who are starting to notice fine lines and want to be one step ahead of the aging process'

Treatment 70 minutes €95

Age Beauty Secret - Anti-Ageing Treatment

Intensive anti aging treatment 

Maximum innovation with the mosaic technology and the ionic mask for a triple perfection. Using undaria seaweed, bioactive peptide, stem cell extract of tomato and high concentration of pure seaweed extract. Clinets will see a more even complexion, smooths out wrinkles by restoring volume, shields against damage caused by the passing of time and bad habits 

Treatment 60-70 minutes €105

Primaluce Exforadiance - Cosmetic Peel Treatment

'exfoliating, renovating, illuminating treatment'

This Multifunctional facial can be tailored to treat  all skin types. Gentle but extremely effective on all skin concerns Anti Age, Acneic scaring, Pore reducing, Pigmentation and Age Spots.

For best results a course of 6 treatments is  recommended. (shock therapy one per week for 6 weeks - or tailored to suit the individual client after a thorough consultation is carried out)

One Treatment 60 minutes €75

Details Of Beauty - Eye/Lip Regenerating Treatment

Specific treatment for Eye and Lip area enchancing the most important facial features; eye/lip regenerating treatment with Plant Stem Cells derived from Appletree, Caviar and Retinol

Treatment 45 minutes €45

The Platinum Programme

Yearly Treatment Plan.  Our facials range from €70 - €100, regardless of what facial your skin needs it will cost you just €67.50 this is cheaper than our most basic facial!  You are guaranteed 6 Bioline Specific Facials up to the value of €105 each and 6 Vintage 79 facials valued at €70 each in the 12 month period.  You can now get a facial every four weeks as is recommended instead of every 6 weeks and it will cost you less!! This programme allows us to select appropriate treatments and products according to your skins aging process.

6 Connoisseur Facials €67.50ea
6 Vintage 79 Facials €67.50ea

A MASSIVE 40% saving on regular facial prices.

Spray Tanning

Su-Do professional tanning

Full Body
(free top-up within 3 days with Full Body tan if required)
Half Body €25
Top-up for Half Body €5

Make-Up (Art Deco)

Make Up €25
Make Up with Strip/individual Lashes €30
Make Up Lesson €40
Bridal Make Up, including Trial €70
Bridal Party Make Up (Bridesmaids & Mother of Bride)
Call-out bridal service available. Charges determined by location. Please contact salon for further details.
Minimum Charge €50


File and Paint €12
...including cuticle work €15
File and French Polish €15
...including cuticle work €18
Luxury Manicure €35
...with French Polish €38
Nail Art (starting from) €5
False Nail Application €25
Shellac or Gelish (14 day manicure) €30


File and Paint €12
...including cuticle work €15
File and French Polish €15
...including cuticle work €18
Regular Pedicure €30
...with French Polish €33
Luxury Pedicure €40
...with French Polish €43


Warm and Specialised Hot Waxing Available

Eyebrow Wax €7
Lip Wax €7
Chin Wax €6
Side of Face €6
Lip and Chin €11
Half Leg Wax €16
Three Quarter Leg Wax €18
Full Leg Wax €26
Full Leg and Bikini Line €32
Bikini Line Wax from €13
Underarm Wax €10
Abdomen Wax €5
Back Wax €18
Chest Wax €18
Forearm Wax from €15

Lycon Hot Waxing Available

Eyebrow Wax €10
Eyebrow wax and tint €12
Eyebrow wax, tint and eyelash tint €25
Lip Wax €10
Chin Wax €10
Lip & Chin €15
Sides of face €10
Regular Bikini (pant line) €20
Underarm Wax €15
Abdomen Wax €8
Back Wax From €23
Chest Wax From €25
Lycon Combo's  
1/2 leg and Regular Bikini line (very little off pant line) €30
1/2 Leg and Californian Bikini (very high) €40
Full leg and Regular Bikini line (pant line) €32
Full leg and Californian Bikini line (very high) €48
Add Underarm to any of the above is an extra €12

Lycon specialised and Intimate Waxing

Californian - (very high) €30
Brazlian - (landing strip) €40
Hollywood - (nothing left) €50


Fifteen Minutes €13
Thirty Minutes €24


Eyebrow Thread €12
Eyebrow Wax and Thread €10
Eyebrow Wax, Thread and Tint €15
Lip Thread €10
Chin Thread €8
Lip and Chin Thread €16

Eye Treatments

24hr patch test required before tinting

Eyebrow Wax €7
Eyebrow Shape (tweeze) €8
Eyebrow Tidy (tweeze) €6
Eyebrow Tint €6
Eyebrow Wax and Tint €10
Eyebrow Tweeze and Tint €8
Eyelash Tint €10
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint and Wax €20

Body Treatments

A Sea-salt Therapy for all-over Skin Polishing

Exfoliating Body Scrub Treatment €60

Universal Contour Wrap

Inch-loss treatment. Allow two hours per wrap.

Guaranteed to lose 6 inches.

1 Wrap €65
Course of 3 Wraps €170


Relaxing Swedish Back Massage (30 minutes)
A therapeutic massage treatment, designed to ease away stress and promote relaxation
Deep Tissue Back Massage (40 minutes)
Focus on the back, the main problem area. This massage will ease tension in your back, neck and shoulders.
Indian Head Massage (35 minutes)
Ease away the symptoms of stress and tension. Ideal for those prone to headaches, sinusitis and tension in the shoulders and neck.
Full Body Relaxation Massage (1 hour)
This treatment will send you into deep relaxation as we massage you from head to tow, with the added bonus of face and scalp massage.

Hot Stone Therapy

An extra-special touch to the massage experience, using heated basalt stones to ease away tension and relax the entire body.

Hot Stone Back Massage (40 minutes) €50
Full Body Hot Stone (1 hour, 30 minutes) €70

Hopi Ear Candling

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

Hopi Ear Candling is also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy. Ear candling has been used for thousand of years by many civilisations, Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec, Tibetan, Mayan and American Indian cultures. The practice was brought to the west by the native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona. (Hopi means “peaceful people”).

Hopi ear candles are hollow tubes made from natural ingredients of organically grown flax, honey extracts, sage, st john’s wort and chamomile.

The treatment is a pleasant, relaxing and non-invasive experience that enhances the state of health to the ear, nose, throat and sinus areas of the body. Not only is the treatment beneficial for the upper respiratory tract but also for the circulatory and lymphatic system, making it a whole body treatment.

The time frames will be different for each person. A Hopi treatment once a month can be beneficial for preventing problems.

Dating back to many ancient cultures, this safe remedy for relieving pressure gently softens wax and removes excess toxins from within the ear. Ideal for treating sinusitis, hayfever, snoring and inner ear problems (45 minutes)

We use 

Certified Products

Biosun ear candles are used during this treatment which are certified according to the European Medical Device Directive and have the CE mark (93/42-EEC).

What happens during a treatment?

During a Hopi Ear Candling Treatment you will be placed in a comfortable position on your side with your head supported by a pillow. The Hopi candle is gently placed just inside the ear and lit. The therapist holds the candle steady with their hands placed lightly over the ear. You may hear a slight crackling or fizzing noise as the Hopi ear candle burns and you may also feel a pleasant warmth around the ear, head and neck area.

Each candle takes about 10-13 minutes to burn. The candle burns within 4 inches of the end of the candle and has a plug inside to prevent anything going into the ear.

Afterwards an optional facial massage follows, includes particular attention to the sinus areas and lymphatic drainage.


or course of 3 treatments €120


This complementary therapy accesses nerve endings in the foot which are linked to every organ and system of the body. This treatment can help to unblock the flow of energy in organs and rebalance entire systems. Reflexology is a renewal and maintenance programme for the body. €40

Registered member of the Irish Reflexologists Institute. Covered for Health Insurance Claims with participating Health Insurers.